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Company / Dow Jones       Date / 2012

Dow Jones News Plus


Company / Dow Jones       Date / 2012


Wealth advisors are managers of portfolios and relationships.

NewsPlus provides advisors the ability to see customized news and information targeted to a customers portfolio and interest. This allows the advisor to be connected and confident when meeting with customers.

Dow Jones NewsPlus

Information is critical to the success of financial professionals: high-quality news and data spark trading and investing ideas and provide reasons to connect with clients. Dow Jones NewsPlus offers a customizable, real-time news dashboard, designed for easy navigation to the day’s top headlines, market overviews, and the stories that clients want to hear about. With news from trusted Dow Jones brands—Dow Jones Newswires, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and MarketWatch—and filtering, watchlist, and alerting tools to track events across markets, financial advisors and other industry professionals can find uncover market opportunities and build client relationships.


Understand – We partnered with Merril Lynch as a launch partner.

We interviewed their SME's and wealth advisors throughout the project so that we can better understand their needs and test concepts.



The final solution consisted of personalized dashboards, feed via Merril Lynches proprietary system. It allowed the advisors to have a seamless solution between their normal workflow with the power of NewsPlus.

While an advisor was speaking to a customer they could easily see the latest news and information that mattered most relating to their

holdings and interests.

Release Partner

“We help clients achieve their financial goals”


360° Tailored View

Data, news, and insights to support family goals through
a positive relationship with their wealth advisors
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