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DJ | FX Trader

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Project Date: 2011


To profit in global foreign exchange and make better trading decisions, FX traders and strategists need to focus on targeted, breaking news, and the very best market insight, analysis, and commentary. To meet that need, Dow Jones has developed DJ FX Trader, a new, robust solution with unparalleled coverage from 100 seasoned reporters dedicated to delivering exclusive market-moving FX news, plus coverage from 2,100 journalists across Dow Jones Newswires, The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.

What FX Traders Need to Maximize Profits

Developed directly from trader feedback, DJ FX Trader provides targeted FX intelligence – including breaking news and expert commentary on what’s behind currency market movements -- to drive trading strategies and uncover hidden opportunities and risks.


Market-Driven Events: Dow Jones offers committed editorial resources to break more market-moving FX news

Market Awareness & Research: Exclusive commentary, analysis and real-time trading ideas on market and currency directions, all in one place

Customization & Flexible Delivery: Clear, customizable user experience so you can quickly and easily find and trade on FX opportunities

Market Intelligence: Spot opportunities with innovative displays, dashboards and analytics, intuitive “heat maps,” and charting that quickly links to market-moving FX news

Greater Efficiency: Customize your “front page” of FX news, insight and data, from quick article views to one-click daily and hourly briefings


Our solution consisted of a PC-based application, a responsive website, and a mobile app

Desktop Application
  • Live News: Real-time, global coverage of fiscal and monetary policy, economic news and politics, with easy filtering and search

  • DJ Dominant: Exclusive, market-moving stories from Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal published in real-time

  • Quick Links: Critical topics editorially selected by Dow Jones’s seasoned FX team

  • Heat Maps: At-a-glance look at volatile currency pairs, with a click to the news behind the activity:

  • – Measured by most active, largest price move, and volatility – Reliable money flow data provided by market leader EBS

Responsive Website

  • DJ Dominant: Exclusive, market-moving stories from Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, published before any other news source

  • FX Ideas: Articles and columns on trading ideas and tactics, with analysis from Dow Jones FX strategists

  • Analysis & Commentary: Expert insight into FX news and market activity, with analysis of economic and political events

  • Best of the Rest: A summary of key FX stories and columns from other publications, including must-reads from influential thinkers on strategy and macroeconomics

  • FX Call: Targeted, incisive briefings that set the agenda ahead of market openings in Asia, Europe and the Americas – updated hourly to keep traders up-to-date on key market movements

  • Market Talk: Keeps the pulse of the FX trading community, including news, technical analysis and trading ideas in a simple, blog-like format

  • Economic Analysis & Forecasts: What to look for prior to important economic releases, and insights after data are out

  • Central Banks: News and analysis on key central banks, including a country-by-country read of G10 and other central bank news

  • Video: Interviews with newsmakers and analysis of the day’s top stories

  • Dashboard: Numbers that explain the day’s market activity, including the most valuable risk/volatility metrics and correlations

  • Trader Alerts: Flash headlines on unusual activity in currency pairs, with a click-through to the news behind the activity

  • Latest Market Coverage: Cross-market updates and charts tracking FX, commodities, equities and interest rates

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