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Find Qualified Candidates

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iCIMS, Inc. is a cloud recruiting platform that enables companies to manage and scale their recruiting programs through an end-to-end talent acquisition platform and an ecosystem of nearly 300 integrated partners.


The Project 

Project date: 2016-17


The Business Goal: Improve recruiter satisfaction for their product search experience so that we can improve our customer retention. 

ICIMS had two versions of search prior to our teams engagement. The first is a direct search with auto-suggest that directs a user to a specific profile. The second is a hybrid of advanced search and reporting which targets the analyst or admins persona. Neither of which solves the recruiter's needs.



There were many challenges with this project. I was new to the company and building a UX team and process from the ground up.

  • The project ask was broad and research was non-existent

  • ICIMS didn’t have an easy way of doing quantitative product analytics

  • They also relied heavily on customer engagement vs. user engagement which often lead to proxy feedback


  1. Understand and Educate

    • Introduce and educate the values of user-based research

    • Educate the business around the shortcomings of proxy users research and feedback 

    • Understand our users

      • User Interviews

      • Task Analysis

      • Establish baseline metric using SUS - System Usability Scale

    1. Understand common patterns, competitors and parallel experience

  2. Identify and map user needs

    • Prioritize and map key user journeys

    • Ideate

  3. Co-creation, prototype, and Test

    • Concept testing, repeat SUS research, usability testing

Step 1: Understand

How much time does it cost our users in training and support with our legacy search solution? 
  • Time Spent on Training (1/2016 – 7/2016)

    • Webinars = 45 hours (324 Users)

    • FastTrack Training = 7 Sessions (21 Hours - 114 Recruiters)

  • Users Viewing Training Materials (4/16-8/16)

    • Support Searches for Search Related Help = 1692 ( Terms: “Candidate Search”, “Person Search”, “Keyword Search”)

    • Support Search/Reporting Videos Views = 2072

    • Support Search/Reporting Article Views = 2659

Qualitative User Research

This as an exploratory interview but we did need to focus our conversation on search.

  • Develop a script by first asking what big questions do we what answered

  • Select a cross-section of our user base and schedule one-on-one interviews

Key Finding
  • Recruiters perform a number of searches throughout the day but the number on search is Find Qualified Candidates.

  • Their search is usually in the context of a job and they mentioned that it would be nice if the search automatically kept that context. For instance, the search should automatically filter candidates by job location. 

Kano Analysis

A Kano analysis was performed so that we could focus on what is most important to our users.

Search KANO results.png
SUS Results

It was important to gain a baseline metric so that we could gauge the level of perceived value improvement. This measures the current search solution for recruiters vs. the concepts at the end of the project. As you can see we moved from a score of D to a score of B+

SUS Search.jpg
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