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Joseph Smith

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Dear Mark St. Amour,


    It’s not often that you see products and services truly making a difference for underserved markets. Stash is in a unique position to help bridge the gap for individuals and families take control of their future.


    I have always had an appetite for observation and understanding of everything around me. This is one of the most important traits a creative and UX professional can possess. It’s through those observations which build empathy for our customers, colleagues, and business. These valuable insights help identify unmet customer needs that drive business value.


     In my previous role, I built a user experience and product design team growing it to 13 UX professionals from various disciplines. My contributions included user segmentation, persona development, journey mapping, concept testing, and usability testing while delivering an award-winning product that generates the second-highest revenue. My inclusive leadership style ensures continuity and increase diversity on our product solutions. 


    My 10 years of experience in the financial markets industry would be a great addition to Stash.  Through my leadership and ability to understand markets and key customer needs fuel my passion to provide vision and strategy to accelerate business growth.  I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my experience and look forward to meeting you.

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